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ZenPop Ramen + Sweets MixSeptember 2021

Lunchtime Treasures

What does Pikachu like to do for summer? Enjoy time at the beach with his friends and snack on the tastiest summer treats. Joined by Crayon Shin-chan’s father and another cup of delicious bean sprout soba, this month’s Lunchtime Treasures Mix Pack contains plenty of flavorful and surprising snacks. Challenge yourself to some sea-urchin flavored potato chips or some mixable gum for fruity delights!


ポケモンヌードル しょうゆ味 焼とうもろこし風

Pokémon Noodle - Soy Sauce Corn Flavor

Allergies include: Wheat Dairy Squid Soy Chicken Pork

Produced in a facility that uses: Egg

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Pokémon Noodle - Soy Sauce Corn Flavor

Who missed Pikachu? We certainly did, and finally, we got our hands on this tasty Soy sauce and Corn flavored ramen cup! It’s become a standard from Sapporo Ichiban, and this variation comes with a cheerful Pikachu on the cover, and 10 Pikachu Kamaboko in the packaging. It reminds a little of “Pikachu no Mori” (ピカチュウの森, the Pikachu forest), which has become a classic anime of the Pokémon series! Do you know how many seasons of Pokémon exist? . . . 24! 24 seasons with 898 existing Pokémon to capture.

The soup is a mild chicken-based broth, light but tasty, and is paired with some slightly crisp-fried noodles that will be ready in just 3 minutes. This cup of noodle is just as enjoyable for the young as it is for us adults! (Start collecting the stickers, every cup contains one of 20 different ones.)

野原ひろし 昼メシの流儀 クセになるもやしそば 塩

Nohara Hiroshi Addictive Bean Sprout Salt Noodles

Allergies include: Wheat Egg Dairy Sesame Soy Chicken Pork

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Nohara Hiroshi Addictive Bean Sprout Salt Noodles

Brand new in the stores: a collaboration from Acecook with the mangaka (漫画家, manga artist) Yoichi Tsukahara! Available only in Japan, this is a unique cup that displays Nohara Hiroshi on the cover. Do you know him? Anyone familiar with the already classic Crayon Shin-chan anime (original manga artist: Yoshito Usui)?

Hiroshi Nohara is the father of Shinnosuke Nohara, Shin-chan, and this cup is conceptualized around his daytime lunch break! This artwork for this cup is actually based on a spin-off series with a new artist!

This peculiar bean sprouts soba with salt comes with round-edged noodles that are slightly softer than the Pikachu ramen listed above. They go perfectly well with the soup, a chicken broth with pepper and sesame oil. It’s topped with some crispy bean sprouts to add texture to the dish, a few carrots for some color, corn and green onions for the finish touch! And of course, the secret, yet not so secret anymore, Chinese Sansyo.

ポテト うにまみれ味

Sea Urchin (Uni) Potato Chips

Allergies include: Wheat Soy Seafood

Produced in a facility that uses: Shrimp Egg

Sea Urchin (Uni) Potato Chips

Want to taste something original and surprising? Check out these Sea Urchin-flavored potato chips! They’ll make your lunchtime snack even more interesting, bringing to you the taste of the Sea of Japan. The crunch will be familiar, but the flavors are going to tickle all your senses. New experience guaranteed.

グリーン豆 鰻の蒲焼き味

Green Beans - Eel Kabayaki Flavor

Allergies include: Wheat Dairy Soy Chicken Pork

Produced in a facility that uses: Shrimp Peanut

Green Beans - Eel Kabayaki Flavor

Founded in 1928 in Nagoya, the Kasugai Confectionery has perfected its craft for nearly a century! To keep the summer going, we’re serving a Kabayaki flavored bag of green bean eel snacks. It’s a limited edition and won’t be available for long.

Kabayaki (蒲焼) is a way to prepare fish, more specifically unagi (鰻, eel), where the eel is dipped in a sweet soy-based sauce before being cooked on a grill or griddle.

This pea snack comes with the savory flavor of charcoal-grilled eel flavor, Japanese pepper and an irresistible taste. Enjoy them all with a nice meal, they go perfectly well with a barbecue!

ハイチュウプレミアム 白桃

Hi-Chew Premium - White Peach

Allergies include: Dairy Peanut Gelatin

Produced in a facility that uses: Almond

Hi-Chew Premium - White Peach

We don’t have to introduce Morinaga anymore. The century-old company, famous for their Hi-Chew, and more, released a premium white peach-flavored candy! The fragrance spreads softly the moment you chew on it, and will boost your mood during your lunch break!

The confectionery focused on the characteristic scent coming from the peach (桃, momo) skin! Extracting those flavors enhances the taste and makes this a high-quality Hi-Chew that stands out among its peers.

オー・ザック 肉汁餃子味

O Zack Juicy Gyoza Chips

Allergies include: Dairy Wheat Sesame Soy Pork

O Zack Juicy Gyoza Chips

This is not your classic bag of chips. Crispy, crunchy, and covered in a delicious gravy that explodes in your mouth as you take your first bite. The chips were finished by a special frying method which left little bubbles in the chips, giving them a tougher texture than your regular chips. They are flavored with meat dumplings (餃子, Gyoza) juice, and boy, they are good!

オリオン オモシロスポーツラムネ

Orion Omoshiro Sports Ramune (Olympics)

Allergies include: Soy

Orion Omoshiro Sports Ramune (Olympics)

Specialized in dagashi (駄菓子), every Japanese kid’s favorite candies, Orion has been making treats since 1948. Following the theme of this year’s Olympics, those ramune candies are flavored like sports drinks!

For those that don’t know, ramune are actually candies inspired to mimic the taste of the refreshing ramune drinks!


Transformation Gyogyogyo Gum

Allergies include: Peach

 Transformation Gyogyogyo Gum

Another confectionery from Nagoya, Marukawa was founded in 1888 (but established in 1948)! Their head office actually looks like it’s just a slightly bigger house. They are famous for their bubble gums, and so, of course, we had to get you their Gyogyogyo Gum! It’s perfect to start the afternoon after you’ve enjoyed your lunch.

They were brought back after popular demand. They achieved their fame because they are flavor-changing! You’ll find 4 sticks of colored gum in the pack, and each can be split up into smaller pieces. You can mix the tastes to create new, unique flavors: Apple + grape = cherry. Peach + apple + grape = plum. Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

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