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ZenPop Ramen + Sweets MixJuly 2021

Tour de Japan

From Tokyo to Sendai, tasty ramen and the perfect snacks to go with them! Take a culinary tour of the country with some locally produced ramen flavors, famous throughout Japan and overseas. Enjoy some classic ramune candy and original Yamato Aji Curry! But make sure to save the tasty Fromage Salé for last in this month's Tour de Japan Mix Pack!


やみつき旨辛 辛赤 東京系油そば

Umakara Tokyo Aburasoba

Allergies include: Wheat Egg Dairy Sesame Soy Chicken Pork Apple

Cooking Time: 4 minutes
Umakara Tokyo Aburasoba

This Abura Soba is a new addition to the “Addictively Spicy” line from Maruchan. Abura (油), meaning oil, and soba (蕎麦), the classic Japanese buckwheat noodles, are seeing a trend of new flavors recently. Known to be a very simple dish, where the noodles are often eaten plain, with a sprinkle of green onions as a topping, and a side of tempura, soba noodles are being mixed to new kinds of flavors. This Tokyo style version is seeing the rich taste of chicken and pork, which is unique to "Abura Soba", combined with chili oil and chili peppers to create a perfect match with a crisp texture.

仙台 辛味噌ラーメン

Sendai Spicy Miso Ramen

Allergies include: Wheat Egg Dairy Pork Chicken Soy Sesame

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Sendai Spicy Miso Ramen

Another renewal! Never get tired of those: familiar flavors with a new twist. Bringing you flavors from the beautiful city of Sendai, on the north-eastern coastline of Japan, this cup of noodles is a treat! Thick round-edged and smooth noodles with a spicy miso soup using local miso from Sendai. The dish is finished up with some yummy soboro そぼろ (ground meat), menma メンマ (bamboo shoots), green onions and chili peppers!

ドラゴンポテト うまチリ味

Dragon Potato Uma Chilli Flavor

Allergies include: Wheat Dairy Soy

Dragon Potato Uma Chilli Flavor

Frito-Lay is back with another renewal: the Dragon Potato Uma Chilli Flavor. They promised a new packaging, new flavors, but the same crunch, and they delivered! The umami taste is strong with this one. Every little twist of those chips will leave your lips covered with the fine onion and cheese flavoring powder. You’ll keep going back for more. I guarantee it.


Puchi Potato Wasabi Flavor

Allergies include: Soy

Puchi Potato Wasabi Flavor

Out of stock everywhere, but not in our pack! We’ve served you some Puchi potato chips before, but the wasabi is a first! The gentle favor of the wasabi roots, produced in Japan’s Azumino city area, Nagano prefecture, and used wisely for those simple, yet surprising chips, is a delight for your tastebuds. Enjoy them while you can!


Fujiya Fromage Salé

Allergies include: Wheat Dairy Egg

Fujiya Fromage Salé

12 individually wrapped delicious cookies to melt your mouth away!  You can taste the rich flavor of cheddar cheese along with the perfect amount of saltiness. Makes you want more…  It is not too sweet, and makes a perfect nibble to accompany your favorite wine.


Lotte Ume Ramune

Allergies include: none

Produced in a facility that uses: Dairy Egg

Lotte Ume Ramune

The classic Japanese soda, transformed into a candy, and paired with an infinite amount of flavor, left us with a dilemma: which one to include in our pack? Well, we went for the plum flavored ramune candy from Lotte! The plum trees were in full bloom recently, just before the sakura, and it is now the perfect season to enjoy some fresh plum fruits. The plum flavored gum from Lotte is the classic gum loved by men and women of all ages for generations. Now in a form of ramune, it’s a handy treat for you to pack in your bag.


Yamato Aji Curry

Allergies include: Wheat

Produced in a facility that uses: Egg Soy Shrimp Dairy

Yamato Aji Curry

Spicy and crunchy snacks spreading the delicious curry flavor will linger with the aftertaste.  Using the same manufacturing methods for over fifty years, the addictive spice flavor is blended at the Yamato factory only, and it is said that just one person knows how to blend these spices.


Onigiri Senbei

Allergies include: Egg Wheat Soy Pork Sesame

Produced in a facility that uses: Dairy

Onigiri Senbei

You have seen onigiri in your favorite manga and anime before. We cannot deliver you onigiri itself, but we can deliver onigiri shaped rice crackers!  This tasty rice cracker is fluffy, crunchy and is seasoned with fragrant soy sauce full of umami and dashi, and is sprinkled with yaki nori seaweed. Itadakimasu!

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