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Savory Spring

Look at this! Don’t you just want to rip them open, pour the hot water in and taste all those savory flavors right away? April’s ramen box will take you over new horizons, with the remake of some one of Japan’s most classic instant noodle packs as well as some tasty local Kyoto and Sapporo specialties! You’re guaranteed to have taken a culinary journey through the country by the time you’re through our box.


UFO yakisoba (White or Regular)

Allergies include: Wheat, Dairy, Sesame, Soy, Chicken, Pork, Apple, Gelatin

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
UFO yakisoba (White or Regular)

Since its launch in 1976, Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. has been a long-selling brand that has been loved by a wide range of people and is the most popular cup yakisoba from Nissin brand. 

In this pack, you might discover you have a WHITE version of this yakisoba. Lucky you! This is a limited version of this dish that looks different, but actually tastes exactly the same. Make sure you take a picture since not everyone gets to experience this unique promotion from Nissin!

Yakisoba sauce often contains caramel coloring agent and that creates our image of dark brown yakisoba fried-noodles in our heads. But this is 2021, innovations are amazing. After more than 100 prototypes developed, the final version may be in your hands now. 

(The latest innovation in Japanese food technology made it possible to introduce the colorless transparent soy sauce recently. It maintains its rich flavor so now it is enjoyed by professional chefs globally. This yakisoba might be inspired from the innovation)

Let’s dive into the heavenly delicious yakisoba cup, the super special one together. 

Simply topped with cabbage, and it comes with a bag of special spices blended for this yakisoba. It has black peppers, cloves and red peppers to harmonize this cup as a whole.

How to prepare:

  1. Open lid halfway and remove all packets from the container.
  2. Add hot water to the line, press the lid back into place, and wait for the allotted cooking time.
  3. Drain all the water using the strainer on the lid. BE CAREFUL.
  4. Remove the lid and mix in the flavor packets and stir it up nicely. Then add any toppings you want, and eat!


Friday garlic tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Allergies include: Egg, Dairy, Wheat, Shrimp, Sesame, Soy, Chicken, Pork, Gelatin

Produced in a facility that uses: Buckwheat (Soba), Crab, Peanut

Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Friday garlic tonkotsu shoyu ramen

We do love to see new collaborations! One of the best ways to enhance and combine unexpected flavors. And here we are, tasting the delicious Myojo X Mode Gakuen garlic noodles. This is actually a partnership with a vocational school, and this ramen is the product of the student’s creativity! How original is that for a collab? The package is very sober, because the creators focused on one thing, and one thing only: taste. This cup is full of garlic, because, well it’s Friday; and it’s okay to eat garlic! Give it a try, and let’s hope those students can bring some more novelty to the instant ramen scene in the future!

赤坂榮林 酸辣湯麺

Akasaka Eirin hot and sour Noodles

Allergies include: Dairy, Wheat, Shrimp, Beef, Sesame, Salmon, Mackerel, Soy, Chicken, Pork, Gelatin

Cooking Time: 4 minutes
Akasaka Eirin hot and sour Noodles

We are delivering you this special noodle made under the supervision of a luxurious Chinese restaurant in Tokyo named Akasaka Eirin, said to be the origin of this type of hot and sour noodles. The dish was originally prepared as a staff meal for Akasaka Eirin’s employees, becoming notable because of its deliciousness. The noodles are made in a steamed non-fry process, which gives a softer texture, and it goes perfectly well with the soup. There is powdered soup at the bottom of this cup, so make sure to stir and mix thoroughly before eating so you can enjoy it until the last drop. Add the liquid packet after it cooks, right before you eat. 

久世福 野菜だし 塩らーめん

Kuzefuku Vegetable Dashi Shio Ramen

Allergies include: Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Sesame, Mackerel, Soy, Chicken, Pork

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Kuzefuku Vegetable Dashi Shio Ramen

Kuzefuku Shoten (Kuzefuku & Sons) is a high-end grocery select store, which gathers the best items from Japan.  It is always such fun to shop at Kuzefuku as they have delicious and nutritious food products carefully selected throughout Japan.  Dashi stock (soup broth) is the signature product they produce, and this month they are collaborating with ramen giant, Sanyo Foods.  Among many dashi products, you can experience Kuzefuku’s special vegetable dashi in this cup. Kuzefuku dashi, as a base, then chicken flavor is added to make a delightful soup. The sweetness and richness of the vegetables in the soup stock are enhanced with spices used.  You can taste the light yet deep umami they create together in your mouth.  Toppings are cabbage, bean sprouts, kikurage (wood-ear mushrooms), and carrots. The taut surface makes the noodles crispy one. See how you like them!  Modern and straightforward cup design is like an art -piece, which is very stylish like all the other products from Kuzefuku Shoten. 

富山 白エビだし塩ラーメン

Toyama white shrimp dashi shio ramen

Allergies include: Shrimp, Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Sesame, Soy, Chicken, Pork, Yamaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam)

Produced in a facility that uses: Crab, Squid

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Toyama white shrimp dashi shio ramen

Sapporo Ichiban’s freshest flavor just arrived, and is all about shrimp!  Shiraebi / 白エビ (white shrimp) is a specialty of Toyama Prefecture and has been treasured as a gem of Toyama Bay because of its beautiful color. 

Sapporo Ichiban’s signature salty flavor is good, but the white shrimp version tastes super, along with the umami of chicken, pork, and vegetables like onion and garlic. 

Silky smooth noodles are relatively sticky and tangle well with soup.  Toppings are cabbage, shrimp-flavored dumplings, egg, flower-shaped fish cake, and scallions

京都 背脂醤油ラーメン

Kyoto se-abura shoyu ramen

Allergies include: Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Soy, Chicken, Pork, Gelatin, Sesame

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Kyoto se-abura shoyu ramen

Try this Kyoto backfat shoyu ramen, a pork-based soy sauce soup with spices and added richness of back fat, inspired by the local ramen enjoyed in Kyoto. Clear and crisp soy sauce based soup and added back fat create a marvelous balance of lightness and richness at the same time, telling you what delicious soup should be.  Noodles are medium-thick with good elasticity that makes them firm and enjoyable until the last string.  Toppings are scallions and pickled bamboo shoots.  Make sure to place the liquid sauce oil packet on top of the lid after pouring hot water to cook so that  the packet will melt into the soup well when you eat.

うまいつゆ 肉そば

Umai Tsuyu niku soba

Allergies include: Wheat, Buckwheat (Soba), Dairy, Mackerel, Soy, Pork, Yamaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam)

Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Umai Tsuyu niku soba

Have you had soba buckwheat noodles before?  Even if this is your first time, or you are already a big fan of soba noodles, you will love this cup. The name ‘umai tsuyu’ means delicious soup literally, and this cup means it.  The combination of bonito and kelp broth with umami of pork and soy sauce makes a rather sweet soup together and is undoubtedly good!  Add the liquid soup packet right before eating to enjoy this cup in the best way possible.  Toppings are seasoned pork, fried onion, and scallions.  Meshiagare (buon appetito)! 

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